Tom Green Now Full Time Stand Up Comedian

By JD Lasica

You all remember Tom Green don't you?

Tom Green is a Canadian actor, rapper, writer, comedian and talk show host. Tom Green went mainstream when The Tom Green Show was aired on MTV in January 1999. Before the show was picked up by MTV, it was being aired on a no commercial public access program in the Ottawa region. The show consisted of stunts by tom green and it was pretty much just like Viva La Bam or Jackass.

Doug Benson's The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled

The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled

Doug Benson is set to release a new movie entitled The Greates Movie Ever Rolled .

The Movie is a POT-umentary about, Doug Benson and Graham Eldwood. The movie documents their lives on a comedy tour. It looks like it will show what goes on behind the scenes during a comedy tour, mainly a bunch of pot smoking and stoner antics. By the looks of the trailer, it seems like it will be quite humorous and entertaining.

"Sir, you have a baby on your back..." (Direct quote form the trailer)

Doug Benson Funnier Baked or Not?

Doug Benson released a comedy album entitled Smug Life, in which he recorded 2 shows on April 20, 2012 in Bellevue, Washington. The album consists of 2 discs, on one of the discs Doug was completely sober, and on the other, he was 'super high'.

Doug, decided to release the album this way, in order to allow his listeners to compare the results. He states in the album that "This is a chance for everybody to be the judge, jury and executioner."

Seth MacFarlane Trips Out After Smoking Weed

If you have not seen the Family Guy Star Wars Special, you are missing out!

Especially if you have not watched any of the episodes with the commentary on. The commentary is quite funny and entertaining, although there are times when it gets kind of awkward.The commentary gives you some very insightful information about the whole episode.

Help NORML Smoke the Vote in 2012!

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is asking for a donation of $4.20 or more to help in the fight to legalize the personal use of marijuana in 2012.This upcoming election will be a very essential one and may give us the opportunity make history and take a step further in the reforming of marijuana laws.

Stoners Without Borders - Tommy Chong

♪♫"Standing in the corner with my 6 foot bong and I'm hitting it hard with my man Tommy Chong..." ♪♫ (Theme song by Razor Ray and the boys from Detroit)

Coming straight out of Chong's Cave

In his latest Pot Cast, Stoner Comedian Tommy Chong talks about all things related to pot. He begins his latest Pot Cast by talking about Marijuana Legalization. He mentions that he believes that everything should remain the same except that Marijuana should be decriminalized.

Bill Hicks Statue in Houston, TX

Remember Bill Hicks?

Bill Hicks is known as a legend, a philosopher and a truth seeker(and of course a Stoner Comedian). He was always aware of people and how our society works. He had a mystical vison of how the world could be a better place if we got rid of all the super-egos in this polluted blue sphere in space. He was fearless and dared to express himself deeply. Even after 20 Years, his comedy routine and vision of a better world is still relevant.

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